Hypnosis Training

Geoff Loveday will teach you how to become a fully qualified and certified hypnotherapist with his expertise in both practical and theoretical hypnosis. You will learn hypnosis training and gain accredited hypnotherapy certification to pave the way for your career in hypnotherapy.


Client Testimonials – Hypnosis Training

Many clients have attended our courses at Hypnosis International Training and have gained hands-on experience to become certified hypnotists. Take your hypnotherapy career to the next level with advanced practical and theoretical hypnosis training, gaining certification from one of the highest accredited hypnotherapy courses available worldwide – taught by leading UK expert Geoff Loveday.

What Clients have Learnt

“Overall I feel that I’ve learnt an incredible deal about clinical hypnotherapy. When I started the course, I didn’t know anything about the field of hypnotherapy, and now I feel confident enough to see my own patients in a clinical setting.” – Dr Vicky Thomas

“Geoff brought in real life examples of people who needed support and wanted to be hypnotised, so we could actually see it in real life rather than just reading it from a book or watching videos.”

What Clients Enjoyed About the Course

“What I enjoyed most about the course was Geoff’s enthusiasm and his desire to really want us to learn. Whenever I get stuck he answers all our questions and if I need help he’s always available.”

“I loved the volunteers that he brought in to show us how to induce people into a trace. The demonstration was with people he’d never met before which shown us he can actually do it with anyone.”

“We could see first hand how he does his work and that was a really amazing experience.”

“It is amazing to work with someone so passionate. Geoff has been taught by Andrew Newton, which gave me a lot of confidence to sign up with him. Overall he’s a great guy, great to work with and doesn’t move on to the next topic until we completely understand everything. If you’re unsure he will work with you and will call you after training, you can call him at any time and always feel supported.”


“The training sessions had a lovely atmosphere where everyone could relax, felt encouraged to bond and form relationships with one another.”

“I felt very comfortable as the atmosphere was not too formal. It was like being at home.”

Teaching style

“Geoff’s teaching style is easy to learn, fun, and passionate and this instils so much confidence into us.”

“I felt supported and Geoff built my confidence to become a professional hypnotherapist.”

“He makes you feel comfortable and encourages you to demonstrate practical and theoretical knowledge each week in a way that makes you perform at your best.”

“With Geoff’s tuiton and patience, it made hypnotherapy easy to learn. I would advise anyone to work with Geoff because he is a brilliant teacher and explains everything really well.”

Interview with Geoff Loveday

Andrea Crump is one of Geoff’s trained hypnotherapists after completing a professional hypnotherapy course with Hypnosis International Training. She is The Fearless Love Coach, one of the leading Love & Relationship Coaches in the U.K. This interview with Geoff explores the use of hypnosis for single women who want to find love.

Hypnosis International Training Testimonial

“I have recently trained to become a hypnotherapist with Geoff and I have to say he’s a great teacher.

He’s very compassionate in his teaching and has taught me to help people on a therapeutic level! He’s always available to his students for questions and he makes sure you understand each topic before moving on to the next.

I have also had hypnotherapist sessions with him and they have really helped me in my life.

Thanks you Geoff. Keep up the great work!!

You’re an amazing teacher and therapist.- Satveer Kaur