How can I learn all this in 3 days?

You will be as prepared as if you attended a 6 Day Group Course!

How can I become a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner in just 3 Days?

First – With no other students to share training time with, waiting for them to finish their practice sessions, you can get trained in a fraction of the time. All of the classroom time is for you only. You will be conducting live sessions by the end of the first day.

Second – A big part of the training is learning the facts, background, procedures, and general study of hypnotherapy. However if that was all sent to you in advanced to read and get a head start on, imagine how much time that can save. Now you would be able to spend more time on the hands on practice and less on what can be easily done by reading on your own.

1. You Will Save Money and Time.

With fewer days of training you will same money on the costs of;
Hotel accommodations, meals and commuting expenses

2. Class Dates Scheduled Around Your Availability.

You can pick and choose the Training dates that are convenient for you. Your class dates can be scheduled all at once or at separate times, on week days or weekends as long as we have the dates available. Due to a limited amount of calendar days throughout the year this training is scheduled on a first come first serve basis so you should call soon to secure your choices.

3. Customized Individual Attention.

We will customize your training to suit your specific needs. We realize that everyone has a different reason to attend training as there are so many opportunities available as a Hypnotherapist.

With this training you will receive all of the same benefits as our regular group classroom students, including the benefit to be able to retake any of our future certification training classes over again, as often as you’d like. Even when 6 day classes are offered at any of our other offices worldwide. The benefit of this is to be able to keep on top of the latest updated changes in the field of hypnotherapy as well as to give you more training time and experience should you desire it.

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