Course Dates to be arranged one-on-one for 2021.

Due to Covid, for now Training will be done on Zoom.

In 2021 we will be doing 6 Week Module which consists of 2 Webinars a week.

Training will be done on Zoom.

Module 1.Pretalk.

Module 2. Inductions.

Module 3. Regression.

Module 4. Past Life Regression.

Module 5. Stop Smoking.

Module 6. Weight Loss, [Virtual Gastric Band]

Module 7.Relationships.

Module.8.Dynamic Mental Imagery.

Module 9.Addictions,[Cocaine, alcohol]

Module 10.Self Hypnosis Course.

Module 11. Sport Hypnosis Course.

Module 12. Putting all together, Exam and Certification

For more information contact me on 07876028957 or 0151 722 2867

Places are limited.

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