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About Geoff

Geoffrey Elliot Loveday is a full-time professional hypnotherapist and hypno-analyst as well as being a certified hypnosis instructor with the AIA. Geoff has had experience in Hypnosis for over 30 years – has had training with a renowned stage Hypnotist, Andrew Newton (who taught Paul McKenna), also Rob Kelley (IAPH), and Igor Iedochowski (IAPCH).


Geoff has been working with people to help them resolve their issues for over 30 years. As an established member of the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts, Geoff uses a unique form of hypnotherapy, called pure hypnoanalysis.

Geoff has travelled around the world practicing and teaching Hypnosis; he is also proficient in teaching and healing with the Body Code™.

Leading UK Expert

  • Geoff is a highly-experienced, fully-qualified hypnotherapist and hypnoanalyst and maintains a busy private practice.
  • Training with Geoff includes hypnosis for anxiety, stress, stopping smoking, weight loss, emetophobia, social phobia and self confidence
  • Geoff practices Pure Hypnoanalysis, a cutting edge approach to integrating hypnosis, regression and free association for reprogramming the subconscious mind with positive beliefs.
  • 3 or 6 day training courses allow you to complete your training in a focused and efficient way.
  • 12 month ongoing training is available with the gold and silver packages.
  • Lessons focus on practical skills training with 24/7 support and exclusive access to the official Hypnosis International Training Facebook group.
  • You will learn how to think like a hypnosis therapist and analyst – assessing client issues, using specialist techniques for individual problems, designing and delivering treatment plans.
  • Specialize in evidence-based and cognitive-behavioral approaches to hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis using an advanced method of free association with the subconscious mind.


Hypnotherapists have been working with people to help them resolve their issues for hundreds of years. Geoff is a certified member of the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts (IAPH,  which is now called Evidence Based Psychotherapy (MIAEBP)), teaching students the single most effective form of therapy available in the world today – Pure Hypnoanalysis. Pure Hypnoanalysis goes beyond the normal suggestive hypnosis (otherwise known as clinical hypnosis) as it is a highly developed and advanced form of hypnoanalysis, resolving the root cause of subconscious blockages to effectively heal patients and free individuals from their symptoms – permanently. Geoff also practices kinesiology certified Body Code™ practitioner, a breakthrough healing system Hypnoanalysis, in its various forms, is practiced all over the world, though only IAPH Members are trained to practice the amazing ‘Pure’ version.


The IAPH has been in operation since 1984.  It is the largest groups of hypnoanalysts in the world, and the only group of pure hypnoanalysts.

The IAPH is made up of a dynamic and focused group of therapists who are dedicated to the professional and ethical use of hypnosis, combined with psychoanalysis, for the treatment of nervous disorders and emotional problems.  Practitioners of the IAPH practice one of the most effective forms of analytical hypnotherapy, called pure hypnoanalysis, which assists people to achieve long-term resolution of their issues, enabling them to lead their lives free from symptoms and issues that previously caused them difficulty.  The IAPH also recognize the benefit of using hypnosis, with suggestion, to assist people with more short term issues such as stopping smoking or nail-biting, and minimizing nervousness associated with an upcoming event (e.g. an upcoming presentation, fear of flying or pre-exam nerves).

Practice Location


Geoff’s hypnotherapy practice is called Liverpool Hypnosis Practice, based in Liverpool, England. Hypnosis International Training is accessible to clients worldwide.

1 Druids Park
Liverpool, Calderstones
United Kingdom, L183LJ

Professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Liverpool, with Geoff Loveday, Hypnotherapist
Convenient for: Liverpool, Southport, St. Helens, Manchester, Chester, Warrington, Runcorn