Hypnosis Training

Geoff Loveday will teach you how to become a fully qualified and certified hypnotherapist with his expertise in both practical and theoretical hypnosis. You will learn hypnosis training and gain hypnotherapy certification to pave the way for your career in hypnotherapy. You will be taught by a leading UK expert who has hypnotised a range of clients from different backgrounds.

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Client Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials from clients who have received hypnosis from our trained hypnotherapists. You can really make a difference to the lives of others:

“I suppose really we can never put into words, what we want to say, but all I can say to you is a huge, huge thank you. When I first came to you, you told me you would help me through this and you did. You were always there whether it was day or night, it didn’t matter what time it was and I know that I was and still am a terrible patient! I came to you, well what can I say, I felt terrible – one of my favourite sayings. You taught me how to deal with my feeling to overcome the horrible thoughts and eventually it would go away. The first Saturday that I had a session with you, was the first time that I had wanted to do what I wanted to do.

I went to Southport and enjoyed my day out for the first time in a long time. You helped me put my life into some sort of order, helped me see the things and not always the bad. I was very good at the latter. You also taught me that we all have good days and bad, that is just part and parcel of life and it is something that we get on with. There is always, always somebody worse off then us. Well I am now back at work 3 days per week. I have still got Boots (Guide Dog Puppy_ who is now 17 weeks old and full of beans. What are late mornings? I don’t know anymore. I have got Boots to keep me on the go, plus Harvey. It is like having two naughty kids running around.

I am now looking for a house, which I thought that I would never do. You told me to follow my dreams, and I think no I know that I am. I still have off days, but I now tend not to let it stop me. Don’t get me wrong I still moan, but hey, what a difference. Just think I came to you with no self confidence, no self esteem and depressed as well as many other things. What did you do, it must have been that energy healing, which I would highly recommend to anybody out there. Don’t think about it, just do it, life is too short.

I took all the potions that you recommend with the energy healing and did eventually stick with the iron tablets, after much fuss. Oh, hey I was a terrible patient. To be honest Geoff, I can never thank you enough, I will always be in your debt. You truly and honestly, gave me my life back, reasoned with me and did tell me to follow my dreams I still truly don’t know how the energy healing works, but it does and whatever it is you do, just keep doing it. There must be hundreds, thousands of people out there, but not all of them are as lucky to find somebody, as understanding, kind and patient to deal with people like me. You have a very special gift and I know that you have helped many, many people. Anyway I will keep in touch, you never know we may with that lottery, and I won’t forget. Once again Geoff a huge thank you. With very best wishes and may all your hopes and dreams be within reach” – Lisa

“I suffered with anxiety for a while, I always used to think I was about to have a heart attack, or there was something wrong with my health. it really got me down because I had been the doctors an they said I was fine. but I was still having these thoughts. always waking up in the night and having panic attacks. I then got in touch with Geoff, and started some sessions, I was sceptical at first. but after a few weeks I started feeling a bit better, then 1 session we had we found out about a bad childhood memory, that I didn’t even remember myself. this was causing my anxiety, and ever since then I have felt really good. I feel happy, calm, relaxed and enjoying life again. I really feel like my old self. I would recommend Geoff to anyone, he has got me my life back. thanks geoff” – Anthony

“A huge thank you to Geoff. I went to see Geoff to stop me from smoking. He achieved that and so much more. I feel a sense of calm, peace confidence and happiness that had been missing from my life for the last six months. I feel lighter and so much more able to deal with stressful situations. He has an amazing gift. If you are considering hypnotherapy or just need to tackle a difficult situation do not hesitate he will definitely help. A wonderful experience” – Lisa

“my daughter has suffered from depression and anxiety since being bullied at school aged 13,she had count-less counselling sessions with no success over the years,she even gave up college having lost her confidence due to the depression. seeing someone you love deteriorate in front of you knowing you cant do anything to help,constantly walking on egg shells never knowing if she was going to be having a good or bad day. after 4yrs she went back to college but the depression returned this time she was having suicidal thoughts,thats when we talked about hypnosis,this was my last hope as i was slowly looseing my daughter. when we met geoff he explained everything and what she would experience,at first she hardly looked or spoke to geoff but as the weeks went by she began to change becoming more confidence and smileing,i even commented to geoff that it was like living with a completely differant person,she was now doing more for herself. the new confidence has given her the courage to change the course she had wanted to do,in college. three months ago she was in a dark and lonely place and could see no future for herself,now shes happier,confidant and hopeing one day to work abroad. once again thank you geoff for saving and returning my little girl back to me,i would recommend you to anyone who is thinking about hypnosis” – Anne

“Right, where to start… first of all, Geoff is a top guy! He was very welcoming and is such a nice fella. He makes you feel calm and relaxed, and completely at ease. I got in touch with Geoff after feeling down and having a severe lack of confidence. I was stuck working somewhere I didn’t want to be in a shop, and had spent two years after university trying to kick-start my career with no luck. I changed things up in terms of my CV, and started getting interviews – had five in as many months – but still got nowhere. I also had a rough time over the past 18 months in my personal life, which didn’t help things; and also whenever something ever went wrong, or when I got upset, I used to always bottle it up and beat myself up about it… I’ve always struggled to open up and meet new people, and speak in interviews and in front of audiences. I had to do something so got in touch with Geoff – I’ll admit I was sceptical at first (I was the ultimate pessimist!), but something worked! Geoff managed to bring all a lot of bad memories and emotions out of me in the first few weeks, and then it was onwards and upwards from there on!… I definitely started to feel a lot more confident in myself, and at my next job interview… I nailed it haha!

Now I (who used to walk around with my head down, afraid to talk to new people, and a pessimist!) have managed to get the job I tried so long to obtain – I now manage a number of big clients, have meetings, conduct interviews, and chair conference calls, and have a lot of people interaction – I could never have imagined all that a few months ago when I was stacking tins of beans non-stop! I also know how to deal with things properly now if something goes wrong/upsets me – I just try to see the positives in everything now – all good!! Also, did I mention that I have moved to a new city on my own? Meeting lots of new people? Building my own network of friends and contacts? And now consider myself an Optimist?! … Yep, things are on the up for me (and hopefully that’ll continue!), and I can’t help but think that Geoff helped an awful lot. I knew that I had the right tools, drive and dedication to succeed, but Geoff helped remove the obstacles that were holding me back! And I’m very, very grateful for his help! Cheers Geoff!!! :-D” – Anonymous

“I would like to thank Geoff immensely for all of his help with my awful phobia of birds. I began the hypnosis around April 2013 and now, July I am in a place I never ever thought I would be. I am able to sit out in the garden and relax, I enjoy listening to the birds singing, I can walk through Liverpool without the horrific outbursts whenever a pigeon flies past. When I initially began the hypnosis I was unsure about whether anything would help me, this problem was controlling me. It was preventing me from being able to carry things out that people do everyday in a rational way.

On my first appointment, instantly Geoff made me feel at ease and explained evrything so clearly and it all made sense why I was feeling this way. I am so grateful to Geoff, he always wanted to know about success stories and i think this made me more determined to put myself to the test of being faced with the birds so I could share my success with him. I am going on holiday in August and usually that’s where I am faced with the problem more so, with birds flying into restaurants and landing on tables. Bring it on I say ! I’m not saying I am going to like it but I am determined not to create a scene and I am sure as anything prepared to face it head on. Can’t wait!! Thank you so much Geoff.” – Tina Thomson

“I have arthritis in my hip, back, toe and wrists and the pain was really bad. I was taking six painkillers a day. I am also overweight by two stones. So I needed to lose weight to help ease the pain. I found Geoff on the internet and went along. He is a very nice and friendly man who puts you at ease. The second session he said he would help ease my pain and boy, did he? My pain has been reduced by two thirds and now I only take two painkillers a day. Some days I have not taken any at all. I have lost weight but not a great deal at the moment. Even though I am sticking to a healthy eating plan. So it must be me. Geoff is supportive and follows up his sessions with a phone call to see how you are doing during the week. He is also there for you to phone him too.” – Carole Red

“I visited Geoff for intense grief – I didn’t know what to expect and I was so clouded by how I was feeling, I handed myself over to him. He is such a kind and genuine therapist who guides you through everything. Under hypnosis, I felt a deep relaxed state and I have now seen Geoff over 6 times and I can feel the layers dropping away. Grief was one layer, there were many more – dealing with so many other issues relating to times gone by. Thank you Geoff. I wholeheartedly recommend your practise. Thank you Thank you.” – Julia Dolowicz

“After a long battle with a personal issue I contacted Geoff for help. Initially I was sceptical however, I cannot fault the work and effort Geoff has put in to help me get back to some semblance of normality. All I know is that my life is back on track, I am looking forward to the future, and the sessions I have had with Geoff have enabled this to happen. I believed this form of treatment was not suitable to my problems, how wrong was I. A big thanks to Geoff, for putting a seemingly lost cause back on track.” – Anthony Stewart

“With my imminent emigration to Australia, i realised i had to do something about my extreme fear of spiders. With a few sessions with Geoff, i have definitely become more calm around them. Instead of panicking and getting tense when i see a spider, Geoff has showed me, a technique of getting to a relaxed state and realising the fear is not as bad you make up in your own head. Conquering any fear is an amazing and satisfying achievement. This has given me a greater sense of control. Also i hope to use this to conquer other fears such as public speaking and general self confidence – whats the worst that can happen?” – Jen

“I have suffered with Tinnitus (noise in the ear) for over 5 years..Having contacted Geoff he discovered that i had a deficiency of Vitamin E and also discovered after the second consultation that the Tinnitus had been in my family going back several generations.. I have now started taking a supplement of Vitamin E and with a further 3 consultations the sound has now disappeared. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Geoff for all his hard work!!” – Anonymous

“I suffered from panic attacks REAL close to my exams and I honestly did feel that this was going to be it I had no confidence what so ever to sit my exams-well, never mind actual sitting the exams- I had no confidence in revising for the exams due to the high levels of anxiety I was experiencing. I got in touch with Geoff as soon as, explained my situation and undergone some sessions. I must say I dont know how it happened but with exams being literally around the corner I started to feel more active, more positive/confident and more optimistic and to be honest when I was feeling like this I couldnt believe that I had been so positively influenced by Geoffs treatment as I felt it would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to cure my panic attacks. The sessions were extremely helpful. when I got my results a month later I had done EXTREMELY well and was very happy- of course- all the credit does go to Mr GEOFF LOVEDAY after all! thank you Geoff!much appreciate your help!” – Anonymous

“UNBELIEVABLE… I WAS RECCOMENDED TO GEOF AND I THANK GOD I WAS. I was like everyone else very scepticle. But he soon placed me at ease. Words cannot express my thanks for his help. Here is a man who really cares and is compassionate and kind, I had suffered with depression for years what with constant sleepless nights i had visited my doctor a million times and was perscribed enough pills to fill a chemist, Nothing worked, were could i turn to then a freind mention Geoff. Now i have no depression life is good and i sleep soundly everty night. Geoff …Thank you, thank you ,thank you!!!” – Anonymous

“I just wanted to say thanks Geoff. Without your help I don’t think I could have got through this depression, anxiety and lack of confidence. You were there everytime I needed you, and helped me all the way, even through the terribly rough times. It was reassuring to know that you were there when i needed it. I wasn’t sure about hypnosis at first, but your methods and style put me at ease. I honestly don’t know what I would have done had I not called you. Things were really bad, but thanks to you I am better than ever and looking forward to things again. I will definitely recommend you to friends.” – D.Fargher

“I had been recommended Geoff by a friend that had used him to stop smoking. I had smoked for years and was a true “addict” in every sense of the word. Geoffs Hypnotherapy techniques have stopped all urges to smoke and i am pleased to say that i am now one of those really irritating reformed smokers! thanks Geoff!” – Anonymous

“I had been in a depression for many years and in December 2009 i was at my lowest point. I had split from my long term boyfriend and the stress of my job was too much to bare. I was in total despair, i couldn’t hold myself together and i would cry constantly. My mum desperately searched on the internet for help and came across Geoff Loveday’s Hypnosis and booked me in for a appointment the next day. From the first session i knew that Geoff had something special and i continued seeing him once a week for 3 months. That was 12 months ago now and i can’t believe how different i feel. I am very happy and live my life to the full. I can’t thank Geoff enough for what he has done for me. He is a special man with a special gift. Thanks Geoff.” – Lorrain

I visited Geoff after I had experienced a phobia of flying or being in confined spaces for about forty years. I would have spent the rest of my life just avoiding going anywhere by plane but the matter was brought to a head when my son decided he was going to get married in St. Lucia. Obviously I didn’t want to miss that so I embarked on several sessions with Geoff who is an amazing person who you feel totally at ease with, and can trust with your innermost thoughts and fears. As a result of my consultations, I was able to use his suggested coping strategies and take a short flight to Paris last Autumn, which I actually enjoyed! Since then the wedding venue has changed and I no longer need to travel long haul, but already I have flown again and intend to venture further afield with confidence in the future. Through Geoff I have taken control of my life again, and for that I am truly grateful and can never thank him enough.

Hiya blast from the past :) hope your ok i just need to thank you for helping me so much I’ve put of contacting you felt was out of order but I needed to get in touch and thank you for helping me at my lowest point in my life if it wasnt for you I wouldn’t be here I have to admit I did feel suicidal with my issues tht I had but you turned my life around I needed to write to you to let you no your an amazing person I often think of you because I’m hear now Bkoz of you thank you :) thank you so much sending love and spiritual light out to you :) x x x