Instant induction is a process whereby the hypnotist is able to induce a medium to deep somnambulistic state of trance within 1-5 seconds. If a subject does not for any reason reach this level of trance then some deepening methods may be employed. Although this type of induction is very rarely used in a clinical setting it is still important to learn and understand it due to its usefulness in unpredictable and sudden situations, for example medical emergencies or shock. Instant inductions are also a great tool for demonstrations or lectures as they will make you and your event memorable. These inductions can build huge feelings of confidence and self-assurance when within the hypnotic state.

Rapid inductions, such as the Dave Elman Induction technique, are designed to take the subject from normal awareness to a deep somnambulistic state within 4 minutes. Many can occur in much shorter time-frames of between 15 and 30 seconds. This type of induction is most commonly used in clinical practise.

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