You will be certified in Hypnosis,3 day, 4 day,or 6 day Training.


As soon as you qualify,we will contact HOLISTIC SERVICES INSURANCE on your behalf. From Holistic Services Insurance. I am pleased to confirm that we will be able to offer cover to your graduates, provided that they have completed a minimum of 3 days in class training.

On-Going Training

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3 Day,4Day or 6 Day Training,Including 12 Month one day in the month training to  develop your Skills.

Hypnosis International UK, has joined together with the AIA. American International Association and we are here to help you to become successful. Once your Hypnosis Training is completed with Hypnosis International UK that is where the H.I.U.K. steps in and begins working with you.We believe in on going Training,once a month we will meet to develop your Skills. Included in this package for 12 months.

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