Hypnoanalysis Training Courses

Hypnoanalysis or regression therapy is a way of exploring how your past experiences affect your current behaviour. It is often seen as a route to dealing with emotional or physical symptoms such as anxieties or certain phobias that can be attributed back to a traumatic time or experience in your past. Often the memories from this event are so distressing that they become repressed by your subconscious mind so that you can function day to day without being affected. However, these memories are not entirely relinquished and they may later manifest as emotional or physical problems and this is when this therapy becomes useful.

Examining past events in a safe and secure environment can help you to analyse them from a different perspective. As you have more emotional maturity and have more life experience you will be able to process them in a logical and rational way, dealing with them more effectively than you did previously.

Hypnoanalysis Therapy

Hypnoanalysis/Regression Therapy can release you from life-affecting habits, debilitating traumas and ingrained unhealthy beliefs, allowing you to move towards healthier and more positive ways to balance your life.

Want to know more? This page examines just a small area of the world of hypnoanalysis. For further insight into the workings of this amazing therapy check out our range of unique training packages to see which will cater to your needs.